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How we recycle

Let's be clear about the recycling process. As Cash for Trash we highly value the way of recycling. Below we will give a bit of explanation on our different kinds of trash and the company that is recycling it.

Our trash

When you take a walk through the communities you will find all kinds of trash. Before we can deliver it at a recycling company we have to sort it out. Did you know that there are eleven different kinds of trash?! At our Cash for trash property we sort everything out. We don't have to do it ourself, the people of the community are so striving that they even sort out their trash by themself! We keep the property clean and secure so no one can see the trash that is inside.

Packa-ching location.png

Our recycling company


Packa-Ching is an initiative from Polyco PRO NPC, a non-profit organisation who is focussed on the recycling of plastics. With their Packa-Ching project they want to enable poor communities to start collecting and recycling trash to get money in return. A vision that is totally in line with ours!

Polyco was established as a non-profit organisation in 2011 by a group of South Africans and are funded by their members, who are passionate about the environment and are committed to realising a clean South Africa. With their Packa-ching project they opened a way for poor communities by introducing a mobile trailer where people can bring their sorted trash and get paid for each kilogram. Although, the price for each kilogram of trash is really low which makes it hard to provide a sustainable way of living.

As Cash for Trash we partner together by selling our trash to Packa-Ching. On certain times a truck of Packa-ching passes by to collect all the trash. Follow the link below to read more about Polyco's Packa-Ching:

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