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Support John!!

On the 14th of April, John is gonna run a full marathon to support Cash for Trash!! This Marathon has a distance of 42 kilometers and around 20.000 people registred to this famous run! As Cash for trash we have the honor to introduce John de Boon as he will run this marathon to raise funds for our project in South-Africa! He has a big heart for people around him who have it worse than him but also loves sports! This marathon combines the both of two in a perfect way! Below you find a personal message from John! Can he count on your support as well?!



The Netherlands


14 april 2024


John de Boon


42 kilometers

I want to link this challenge to a
good cause

John de Boon

A personal message from John

Running with a purpose

Last year, I participated in the NN Rotterdam Marathon (#themostbeautiful) for the first time in my life. After crossing the finish line, I already said that I would like to run it again. This year, it's already happening!


But just like last year, I want to link this challenge to a good cause... This year, I'm running the marathon for Cash for Trash. This initiative ensures that people from the slums of South Africa collect waste (such as plastic) from nature, can turn it in, and receive a stamp for each bag of waste, which can be used to buy groceries in the store.

The result? A clean community and people who have a 'job' that allows them to put food on the table.


Poverty reduction and climate improvement in one sentence, who wouldn't want that? Do you want to help out too?

Even €1,
will make
a difference!
Donate now!

Support John as he is running 42km for Cash for trash!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

A big shoutout to all this people who donated!!

Big thanks to:

- Judith

- Anneke

- Annelien


- Marjan

- Marit

- Imagine

- Johan

- Mark

- Christa

- Stefan

- Inge

- Susanne en Michiel

- Claudia en Lennert

- Annemieke

- Andre

- Margriet

- Patrick

- Hans

- Roosmarie

- Esther

- Aartje

- Sarah

- Job










- Pablo

- Sandra

- Miranda

- Lies

- Giny

- Arjen & Corinne

- Shirley

- Rafael Hauwert

- Michiel

- Sanne en Erwin

- Marike

- Wouter

- Annelies

- Mirko

- Dian en Martine

- Peter en Tineke

- Catharina

- Joke

- Jeroen en Annieke

- J en J

- Marien

- Andries

Total amount of donations: 53

Raised funds: € 1702,89

Thank you for helping us to make a difference!!

John NN-Rotterdam

John NN-Rotterdam



Skyline Rotterdam

Skyline Rotterdam

Logo marathon

Logo marathon

John marathon

John marathon



Can John count on your support?!
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