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How we work

Cash for Trash turns trash into treasure. Below we explain you step by step how it all works.


Step 01

Collecting trash

People from the community are collecting trash from the streets. There you will find any kind of trash like paper, plastics, tin and glass. Cash for trash hands out plastic trashbags to the people in where they have to collect and sort out their trash. 

Step 02

Delivering trash

On scheduled afternoons, people from the community can bring their sorted trash to Cash for trash. In order to recycle the trash properly we seperate all kinds of trash like plastic bottles, paper and glass. You can read more about our recyclingproces on our page, How we recycle.


Step 03

Receiving stamps

Everyone who comes to the project receives a registration card on which we count the amount of trashbags that someone brings. Every trashbag is worth one cash for trash stamp. We keep the stamp cards in our own administration so people can't loose them. In this way we prevent theft or corruption with the stamps.

Step 04


Once they have given their trashbags and received their stamps, someone will bring them to the shop. Before they enter the shop they can sanitise their hands. It's one of the basic principles we try to teach the community.


Step 05

Cash for trash shop

After they santised their hands, the can enter the shop one by one. In the shop they can buy basic essentials like bread, vegetables and other groceries with their stamps. 

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