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About us

How did this Cash for Trash idea start? And what is our vision for the future?

Hi! We are
Cash for trash


This wild idea started with a dream in 2018. Once a Dutch man walked in the streets of Hammersdale in South-Africa. What he saw? A poor community who couldn’t provide for themselves and streets full of trash. Out of frustration he trapped one of the plastic bottles away and said to himself, the only thing I see is trash!! It was at that moment that Cash for Trash was born. 

Now this is only half of the story. Over the entire world we try in every way to help our climate by recycling our trash. So here is why it gets interesting. What if you can use trash to give poor people a sustainable way of providing for themselves? We believe we can! Especially in the western world plastic pollution is a serious issue to many people. And most people/ companies are willing to spend a lot of money on solving that problem. That creates a great opportunity for the people in the township!! We asked around at several companies and found out that there are many who wants to help!

While we got this idea in 2017, it took a while before starting up because of Covid. We also had to prepare the Codah organisation in Hammersdale South Africa where we wanted to start this new project. Now as I'm writing this in october 2023 we are actually starting up this recycle project!

Creating meaningful impact


Creating a better world

Creating a better world is hard to do on your own. Although there is such a big gap between poor communities and big companies. Where poor people in the community are fighting for their lives to survive you see businesses who are cornerned about the environment and the future of our world. We all know the pictures of plastic soup in our oceans. Cash for trash believes that we can connect those two different worlds. Not only in South-Africa but across the entire world!


There is so much trash across the world that needs to be recycled that possibilities are endless. As an extra bonus this creates a perfect way for poor people to create a sustainable way of living without being dependant on someone else for their whole life. Do you want to help us?!

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